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The Monster Buck Raffle is being presented in an effort to fund Christian Charities yet give hunters the opportunity to win a pair of free whitetail deer hunts with IMB Outfitters in 2018. No “catches”, or “tricks”. The Monster Buck Raffle will empower the community to assist Christian Charities with our greatest passion... trophy whitetail buck hunting. We can make a difference by donating for a chance to win, “harvesting a monster whitetail buck on the hunt of a lifetime in the Midwest.” As you donate to Christian Charities you purchase one ticket for $20. (You may purchase as many tickets as you wish to enhance your odds at being draw.) A winner will be drawn on February 5th, 2018 which will be announced and notified he or she has won two hunts of their choosing with IMB Outfitters, with no extra charges. Gun, Bow, or Muzzleloader hunts can be selected from IMB Outfitters inclusive of room and board with services described below where in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, or Ohio.

The donated hunts are from IMB Outfitters. IMB Outfitters is the most qualitative “whitetail specialty” outfitting service in the nation. IMB Outfitters has been in the hunt industry for 16 years and has become the highest quality whitetail specialty outfitter by providing a quality service focused on client success.” Darrin Bradley, Owner states, “The perfection of our hunt service has been a team effort of landowners, employees, managers, lodge owners, sponsors, our website designer, and God, but after 15 years of service to the American Sportsman we have become the premier whitetail outfitter of the Midwest running 5 states here in the nations agricultural belt.” 

Our quality can be verified by the outdoors industry awards given unto us by the hunt industry, references, website content, as well as possession of 28 sponsors that don't sponsor any other whitetail specialty outfitter in the Midwest. If you really compare brochures and websites the hunter who is doing their homework can easily see a difference in quality just by looking at the website, and brochure. If an outfitter will take care of you on the website, in the brochure, and on the phone, you’ll be taken care of on your hunt, but to book with a low quality service just to save a few bucks will probably mean the difference between success and failure. Treat yourself to a quality outing by booking with a trusted name in the hunt industry...IMB Outfitters! 

IMB Outfitters strives to provide the highest quality fully and semi-guided hunts available to the modern day trophy whitetail deer and wild turkey hunter. With locations in South Central Iowa, North Central Missouri, Kansas, and Pike County Illinois, IMB Outfitters is ready to provide you with the hunt of a lifetime on over 50,000 acres of prime trophy whitetail deer and turkey habitat. 

IMB  OUTFITTERS!  Only $20 per entry!

IMB Outfitters has pronounced itself as THE most qualitative Whitetail Outfitting Service in the nation with locations for whitetail deer hunting in the most renowned areas of Midwestern United States. IMB has been presented in such fashion by entities such as Buckmasters, North American Whitetail, Petersens Bowhunting, Deer and Deer Hunting, Bowhunter, Bowhunting World, Turkey Call, etc. IMB has also been viewed on over a half a dozen shows on the Outdoor Channel, The Men’s Channel, and TNN, as well as their recent harvest of a 210 inch deer on Hunter’s Specialties Video entitled, “Primetime Bucks Volume 10”. IMB also is sponsored by over two dozen companies in the hunt industry. Companies that just don’t attach their name with any ole outfitting service. While many outfitting services exist in today’s hunt industry IMB stands above the rest. IMB Owner, Darrin Bradley, states, “We have perfected a hunt program over the past 13 years that is second none.

More importantly with your donation of $20 for one ticket, or as many tickets as you wish with each individual ticket you purchase being another chance to win the deer hunts. You will receive a confirmation number with your name and be registered for each ticket you purchase in the system for random selection of two free hunts. This process will empower hunters to donate money in a fun way, in order to make a major impact on the World around us. IMB Outfitters Owner, Darrin Bradley, states, “I love to hunt deer. I think it’s a great opportunity to win a pair of awesome monster whitetail hunts, and help single mothers, sick people, widows, and just people in general.” 

The winner gets two free hunts to Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, or Kansas during the 2018 hunting season. The hunt is described as follows:

Our deer hunts include a process wherein tree stands, ladders, ground blinds, and tripods are hung by IMB Staff prior to your arrival. Professional guides have pre scouted and hung tree stands in the best locations for big buck hunting. Guides do not sit with you while your hunting, but rather walk you to and from different stands to assure you will find the ambush sites. IMB features great food and great lodges with friendly staff. IMB staff will transport you to the farm, field dressing of your deer is done by an IMB Guide, your guide will drag out the animal you harvest, and prepare your animal for taxidermy and meat processing, hero photos, etc. Once again the guide doesn’t sit with you while you hunt but, he walks you to and from the stand and takes care of you during your stay to strategize on a trophy whitetail harvest. Thorough examinations of strategies and tree stand assignments are performed on your behalf to assure you receive the highest quality service. Guides also scout trophy whitetail deer both prior, and during your hunt. The hunts which are won are not inclusive of the deer tag which each hunter must purchase himself. Normally an out of State Deer Tag will begin at about $250 per hunter, depending upon the state.

Please see our content rules page for details. By registering ($20 per entry) you agree to the terms on the contest rules page

This is not a tax deductible donation, but all proceeds will go to a charitable organization.

Visit our Register to Win page and enter an amount of $20 per entry.
(For example if you want 2 chances enter $40)




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