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The 2018 Monster Buck Hunt Raffle (the “Raffle”) is being sponsored and conducted by Bradley Ministries, a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code 509(a)(2) for a public charity. Bradley Ministries operates as a religious organization and is located at P O Box 192, Macon, Missouri, 63552. This Raffle is being conducted in the State of Missouri and is void where prohibited by law. The purpose of the Raffle is to raise funds to provide financial support to Christian charities determined worthy by Bradley Ministries. 

The Prize for this Raffle will be two (2) professional, fully guided Monster Buck Hunts donated by IMB Outfitters, Inc. The Monster Buck Hunt will be held on a Missouri leasehold interest owned or held by IMB Outfitters, Inc. The Monster Buck Hunt will include lodging, meals and guide service with a current retail value up to $7,580.00. The Prize Winner(s) will be responsible for all transportation to and from the lodging facility as well as any applicable permit cost and other incidentals. The Prize Winner(s) must provide their own firearm or archery equipment. There will be no guarantee of opportunity or success in harvesting a deer on the hunt by the Prize Winner(s), this being a free range hunt. 

To participate in the 2018 Monster Buck Hunt Raffle, eligible participants must purchase a raffle entry at a cost of $20.00 per entry. There is no limit on the number of entries that a participant may purchase. All participants acknowledge that entry information will be shared with IMB Outfitters, Inc. All raffle entries must be purchased on or before midnight, January 31, 2018. No refunds shall be given unless required by applicable law. Raffle entries may be purchased online at  

The Prize Winner(s) must follow all applicable rules and regulations for hunting in the State as well as the lodging facility and that of IMB Outfitters, Inc. Failure to adhere to all rules and regulations may lead to immediate termination of the hunt by IMB Outfitters, Inc., and the Prize Winner(s) may be subject to other penalties provided by applicable laws. 

Each Prize Monster Buck Hunt must be used for the fall 2018 hunting season for any of the fully guided deer hunting seasons. The Prize Monster Buck Hunt will be non-transferable. 

This Raffle is being conducted in the State of Missouri by a Missouri-based religious organization. Participation is void where prohibited by law. Raffle participants must be eighteen (18) years or older at the time the ticket is purchased. Employees and guides (or their immediate family members) of IMB Outfitters, Inc. are not eligible to participate. The random drawing for the Monster Buck Hunts will take place on February 5, 2018 at 3:00 P.M. The drawing will be held at P.O. Box 192, Macon, Missouri. Chances of winning the Prize Monster Buck Hunts cannot be determined in advance due to an unknown potential for the number of tickets to be sold. Need not be present to win. The Prize Winner(s) will be notified by mail or phone. Bradley Ministries and IMB Outfitters, Inc. reserve the right to publicize the identity of the Prize Winner(s) and the hunt. The Prize Winner(s) may be subject to taxes on winning the Monster Buck Hunt and shall be responsible for all taxes. The Prize Winner(s) shall comply with all reasonable requests from Bradley Ministries in regards to any applicable reporting. It is hereby disclosed that some of the directors of Bradley Ministries are affiliated with the ownership of IMB Outfitters, Inc. 

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